Artist Statement

Since moving to Maine from Massachusetts in 2001, I have found great resource at my local transfer station (referred to by some as "The Plaza" the "Give and Take" and of course,  the "dump") and have found my weekly trips to be true inspiration.  Sometimes I look for specific things but often I am surprised by an item I come across that will completely change the course of my current pursuits.  When this happens many new possibilities become available to me.  I love my dump!

Materials, fibers and frequently patinas are often a motivation for my work, but sometimes a single object can drive the piece entirely.  Documentation of items, events, people and places is the driving force behind my found object and installation work.  I am sentimental about all of these things and by documenting and working with them I find fulfillment.  The patinas I am attracted to convey to me a sense of trauma or tragedy and sometimes humor.  Working with these items provides them a second chance, usually under different circumstances.

My goal in creating these pieces is to showcase items that I find beautiful and that normally would not be considered art on their own.  Like so many things in life, the pieces are month, week, day, hour and most importantly moment driven.
Installation has provided me with the opportunity to combine my longtime love of making pictures, found objects and humor.  Being given the opportunity to unite these allows for boundless creation.